Get a more thorough and detailed clean that a wash mitt alone can't complete.

Top Car Wash action

Below are some key items to enhance your wash without breaking the bank

Foam Cannon pro

Maxshine Snow Master Car Wash Foam Cannon


Introducing our NEW Snow Master Foam Cannon. Capable of holding 35oz of soapy water, and creating an extravagant stream of foam that will leave your vehicle covered and ready for washing.

Prevents scratching and offers the perfect layer of thick soap to wash your car from top to bottom.

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Foam Cannon

Soap up your vehicle faster and easier while helping to provide a swirl-free wash

Wheel Cleaner in use

MaxShine Wheel and Tire Cleaner

  • Brakes down stubborn grease and grime
  • Removes built-up brake dust
  • Developed specifically for wheels and tires
MaxShine’s Wheel and Tire Cleaner is specially formulated to tackle dirt, brake dust, grease, and contamination, working wonders on your wheels, tires, and even wheel wells. Let our Wheel and Tire Cleaner be your go-to choice for effortlessly restoring the pristine condition of your wheels and tires without the need for additional products. Simplify your cleaning routine and enjoy remarkable results in no time!
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Foam Cannon

Soap up your vehicle faster and easier while helping to provide a swirl-free wash

Applying Tire Shine

MaxShine Tire Shine

  • Shines, conditions, and protects
  • Layering ability to achieve desired look
  • Non-greasy, slick-free formula
Tire Shine features an exceptional formulation that grants your tires the desired shine of your choice. Through layering, you can achieve a wet appearance, a simple gloss, or a sleek satin finish, allowing you to attain the perfect aesthetic. MaxShine’s specialized Tire Shine spray incorporates conditioning agents that safeguard your tires and prolong the longevity of the shine.
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Maxshine Hydro-Tech Tire Gel Applicator

Maxshine Hydro-Tech Tire Foam Applicator t represents a smooth, even application of waxes, polishes and protectants.
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Enhanced Details

Show off your awesome detail work with that extra touch.

foam soap pouring

MaxShine Ultra Foaming Wash Soap

  • Removes dirt, grime, and debris without scratching
  • Safe on all surfaces and protective coatings
  • Eco-friendly pH neutral formula
Our advanced foam cleanser formula visibly reduces streaks and spots, delivering a high gloss look that turns heads. With Ultra Foaming Wash’s concentrated cleaning power, safely remove dirt, grime, and contaminants, leaving your vehicle with a brilliant shine. Convenient and user-friendly, this eco-friendly wash offers exceptional results while protecting your car's surfaces.
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Proper Soap

Don’t use dish soap! A pH balanced formula keeps your protective coatings intact.


Maxshine PP Handle Car Wheel and Rim Brush

These brushes aren’t just limited to wheels however, their versatile design means that they can be effective on any surface, like in an engine bay for example.  

SKU  7011012:  Bristle Head Length: 25mm

SKU  7011013:  Bristle Head Length: 50mm SKU  7011012-Kit:  Contains Small & Large
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Barrel Brush

Don’t use dish soap! A pH balanced formula keeps your protective coatings intact.

one towel drying

MaxShine 1000GSM Vortex Drying Towel

  • Extreme absorbency 
  • Combination twisted loop and coral velvet fibers
  • Faster drying than conventional drying towels
MaxShine Vortex sets a new standard for drying efficiency with its advanced design. Crafted to outperform conventional drying towels, the textures of these extra soft towels ensure a gentle touch on surfaces, while the exceptional absorbency allows for the swift removal of moisture. With this towel, you can experience faster and more thorough drying, enhancing your overall drying experience and achieving remarkable results.
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Qualified Drying Towel

Way better than a beach towel, the twisted loop design was crafted for maximum absorption.

Tire Brush Cleaning

Maxshine Testing |Heavy-Duty Wheel and Carpet Cleaning Brush


Heavy Duty scrubbing bristles that eliminate dirt and grime on interior surfaces. Separate individual fibers to lift and remove stains.

Ideal for carpets, floor mats & durable upholstery, and even your home and office!

Ergonomic and durable design allows this brush to be utilized time and time again with proper cleaning.

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Tire Brush

Tires need a hearty scrub, and you need strong bristles to complete the job

Clay Car spray

Maxshine Synthetic Clay Applicator

Maxshine’s Synthetic Clay Applicator removes impurities faster than clay bars due to its texture and synthetic make-up. The diamond pattern creates more opportunities to remove contaminants.
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MaxShine Clay Lube Spray

  • Specially designed for use with clay products, natural and synthetic
  • Super lubrication for safe and easy clay decontamination
  • Can be used as a quick detail spray
Clay Lube Spray plays a vital role in safeguarding your vehicle's paint from potential harm while employing clay bars and other clay products. Unlike other sprays, MaxShine’s Clay Lube incorporates enhanced lubrication and anti-friction elements, guaranteeing a safer procedure. Moreover, it is compatible with all surfaces and doubles as a waterless wash or quick detail spray, further enhancing its versatility.
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Tires need a hearty scrub, and you need strong bristles to complete the job

Spray Wax Car Protection

MaxShine Wild Cherry Speed Wax

  • Protects and conditions paint
  • Provides lustrous shine
  • Easy to use - Just spray and wipe
MaxShine’s Speed Wax is a unique formula that protects, conditions, and shines painted surfaces. It combines natural carnauba wax, conditioners, and color enhancers to achieve a radiant shine with UV protection. Add protection and glow in one fast step.
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Tire Brush

Tires need a hearty scrub, and you need strong bristles to complete the job

All Product in One Kit

WAXN24/7 Wash Upgrade Kit

In stock

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Custom detailer WAXN24/7 curated this kit to take your basic wash and upgrade it to a detailed one. Whether it’s faster foaming with a cannon, further decontamination with clay, or adding those special final touches, this kit takes your already awesome wash to a new level.  Check this video form our Youtube Channel:


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