Rotary or Dual Action?

When choosing a polisher the first question to answer is “Rotary or Dual Action?” Below we’ll explain the key differences between a Rotary and a DA (Dual Action) and help determine which is right for you.

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Rotary Polishers

What makes a rotary polisher a rotary is that its head spins on a single axis in a an even, circular motion.

This motion is what creates heat and friction to allow for paint correction

Get the Power of Rotary


MaxShine M1000 5”/1000W Rotary Polisher

  • 5-inch backing plate quickly covers large areas
  • Powerful rotary mechanism cuts quicker than dual action polishers
  • Compatible with 1 to 5-inch rotary backing plates to reach intricate details
Advance your paint correction skills to a professional level. The M1000 rotary polisher buffer earns its rightful place in the toolkit of every detailer, serving as the ultimate go-to polisher for tacking even the most stubborn paint imperfections.
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The 5in, 1000W machine has a range of 800-3300RPM. It can utilize backing plates all the way down to 1in, though ideally with an extension shaft for any below 5in in diameter. 

Our Rotary Polishers & Accessories

Dual Action Polishers

Dual action, or DA, polishers rotate in two different ways. It spins in a circular motion like the rotary but additionally moves in an orbit, similarly to how the earth spins on its own axis as well as orbits the sun.

Dual Action Oribit Spin movement

MaxShine’s Flagship Dual Action Polisher

Dual Action Polisher in Action

MaxShine M15 Pro 5"/15mm Dual Action Polisher |Dual Action Orbital Polisher

  • Mighty 1000W motor and 15mm-orbit has the machine doing all the hard work
  • 6-speed dial allows for controlled and precise polishing
  • Convenient locking trigger and ergonomic handle maximizes comfort
  • Elongated 13-ft power cord offers a long reach and wide working area
  • Made to last with the high-quality CNC counterweight and NSK bearing
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The 5in, 1000W machine has a 15mm throw and a range of 2200-5000RPM. This ideal mid-sized polisher is perfect for any beginner getting into detailing as well as the seasoned professional.

Our Dual Action (DA) Polishers



Power Polishers
MaxShine M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer


Cut SpeedFaster
Remove Severe
Faster Removal

Burning Paint

Increased Risk of  "Burning"



Finish Results

Often Leaves Hazing 
MaxShine M15 Pro Dual Action Orbital Polisher


Cut SpeedSlower
Remove Severe DefectsSlower Removal

Burning Paint

Low Risk of  "Burning"


DIY, Beginners, Refinement for Professionals 

Finish Results

Easiest Mirror Finish 
The Cordless Polisher

Both, Rotary and Dual Action?

Combine the Best of Rotary and Dual Action Polisher to achieve the perfect result

MaxShine M0312 Cordless Mini Polisher-1
The Hybrid Polisher

Mini Cordless Polisher

Has the option for both rotary and dual action to best fit your polishing needs. Whichever polisher head you choose (rotary, or 3mm or 12mm DA), combined with the included 1.5in and 2in backing plates and pads, will aid you in achieving a perfect polish of those tiny, hard to reach details.

MaxShine M0312 Cordless Mini Polisher kit
MaxShine M0312 Cordless Mini Polisher Rotary Motorcycle action

Check Up


In this Youtube video we talk about MaxShine's 5" Polishers. We are going to see each one, from the unboxing to the comparison between them. Dual Action or Rotary, which one do you prefer?


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