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There are many types of polisher pads available differentiated by material and detailing processes in the market.  MaxShine covers all the possible pads that work with the professional car polishers and chemical compounds it offers. In this topic, we will be discussing specifically the various types of pads: foam, wool, microfiber, orange peel remover, and sandpaper. Each of the pads is used in different types of applications that MaxShine defines the processes as cutting, polishing, and finishing. They are characterized by material types, sizes, applications, and types of polishers used.  MaxShine pads are all hook and loop ready for easy attachment with polishing plates.

What are the pads for polishers?

Polisher pads are also called buffing pads that work between a polisher and car surfaces through a plate that the pads directly contour the targeted car surfaces.  The pads collaborate with various types of compounds for cutting, polishing, and finishing, which are processes involved in paint correction.  The processes may require removing light scratches to heavy swirls marks, polishing, or finishing; these are all dependent variables considered and decided by the detailers or individuals.

car polishing pads

What types of polishing pads are available?

To meet the various types of car detailing demands, the polishing pads have evolved with different types of material for processes that serve dual action or rotary polishers.  Below are the types of polishing pads associated with the material:



Product Examples

Foam Pads

Cutting, Polishing, Finishing
  • The most commonly used pads
  • Made of polyurethane: strong bonding, oil resistive, used in harsh tasks, flexible
  • Machine washable, reusable
polisher pads - foam pad

Wool Pads

Heavy Cutting, Glass Polishing
  • Used for initial heavy cutting on rough surfaces or heavy polishing
  • Aggressive, high-performance, and fast cutting
  • For glass polishing uses 100% pure Woolen Felt
  • Generally made of wools
polishing pads - wool pad

Microfiber Pads

Cutting, Polishing, Finishing


  • MaxShine Microfiber One Step offers to perform cutting, polishing, and finishing for removing below-the-surface defects
  • Made of fine microfiber
polishing pads - microfiber pads

Denim or Velvet Pads

Orange peel and swirl mark removal
  • Specifically designed for removing orange peel and swirls marks
  • 2000 Grit, 3000 Grit grade
  • Made of black denim or velvet fine fabric
Polishing Pads - Orange Peel Remover


Polishing and finishing non-metal
  • Made for polishing and finishing non-metal surfaces: coated paint, wood, rubber, plastic, leather, and any soft surfaces
  • 1200, 1500, 2000, and 3000 grit grades are separately available
polishing pads - sandpapers

What is MaxShine’s Foam Pad Color Coded System?

Car detailing requires different types of processes depending on the condition of a car and specific requirements. Each process is defined by cutting, polishing, and finishing used with specific foam pads and chemical compounds for easy flow job processes.  MaxShine defines foam pads by a color-coded system.

ColorGreen or BlueYellowRed
Product Imageprofessional pads - cutting pad in blueprofessional polishing pads - yellow for polishingProfessional Polisher Pads - red for finishing
Chemical compounds used with various types of the padsMaxCut Mirror Finish PolishX-Treme Glaze

Note: as for the chemical compounds, there are other choices ready for you such as Graphene Ceramic Coating, Wild Cherry Speed Wax, and Carnauba Wax

What are the supported sizes of MaxShine foam pads?

MaxShine offers 3-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch foam pads to meet the car detailing job requirements and different sizes of polisher backing plate sizes.

What are the differences between high-profile and low-profile foam pads?

You can use the high-profile foam pads for both dual-action polishers and rotary polishers. The high-profile foam pads are an ideal solution collaborating with the dual action polishers, especially for beginners in car detailing, thanks to thick foam, high heat dissipation, and safer with the center cut and tapered edge design. The low-profile foam pads, containing EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, a substitute material of vinyl or rubber),  cannot be used for rotary polishers.

More details about the high-profile foam pads

The high-profile foam polisher pads by MaxShine use imported material from Germany.  The pads are scientifically designed for high heat resistance, heat dissipation center cut, and tapered edge to protect the pad while reducing damage to the finish. They easily contour to curves and other car surfaces safely and smoothly thanks to their thick and scientific design. You can easily put the pads on the plates using the Hook and Loop design. They will professionally remove heavy swirl marks, scratches, and any chemical oxidation that remained on the car surfaces. Thanks to the eco-friendly design, you can clean, wash, and reuse them.

MaxShine cross-cut foam pads

The cross-cut foam polisher pads are scientifically designed with perforated cuts vertically and horizontally on the surface of the pads for absorbing heat while taking and applying compounds through the cross-cut surface effectively.

The cross-cut is a unique design that helps to contour the car surface easily while reducing the heat.polisher pads - cross curt foam pad

MaxShine wool pads

MaxShine offers 100% natural wool polisher pads and cool wool polisher pads, which are used in different processes in aggressive paint correction applications.  The wool is known for being resilient, compression resistive, and breathable, which offers a great opportunity to remove fine swirl marks on car surfaces, including glass.

100% natural made wool pads

By taking advantage of the natural wool properties, the Maxshine Wool Polishing Pad shall be the perfect solution to remove fine scratches, oxidation, and swirls from painted surfaces.polishing pads - wool pads

The wool foam pad is an ideal solution for aggressive cutting, polishing, or final finishing collaborating with compounds, which shall be distributed evenly and consistently thanks to the properties of the wool.  The thick and high density of wool provides additional values of durability, stability, less shrinkage, and long service life.

MaxShine cool wool cutting pads

Maxshine cool wool cutting pads are uniquely designed with lamb wool and microfiber combination to get the most effective results for detailing.polishing pads - cool wool cutting pads

The polishing pads are well suited for polishing heat-sensitive surfaces thanks to their durable and stable material construction.  In addition to the unique combination, a nylon gel lattice layer for integrated air-cooling for better heat absorption.

MaxShine microfiber pads

MaxShine offers a premium-class microfiber foam pad for removing swirl marks, scratches, and any chemical oxidation on the car surface.microfiber polishing pads 3" 5" 6"

The polisher pads are scientifically designed for high heat resistance, and heat dissipation with an adaptation of high-quality material, further assisted by the center cut and two layers of EVA foam that provide further strength and cushion for absorbing pressure as well as heat generated by the polisher and from the surface. The tapered edge is to reduce damage on the painted surface and easy contouring.

What is tapered edge and how does it help polishing?

The tapered edge with a pad has a 45-degree slope on the pads.

The tapered edge makes easy contouring on the surfaces due to less air pressure thanks to the slope helping the high-speed circular motion of a polisher.polisher pads - tapered edge

It also helps to protect the painted surface when the polisher is leaned to the surface.

Orange peel removal polishing pads

MaxShine offers two types of orange removal pads made of Denim or Velvet.  The denim-made polishing pads, graded at 2000 grit are more aggressive than the velvet graded at 3000 grit due to the nature of the material.  Using the orange peel remover requires experience in car detailing.

Velvet Orange peel remover

The Maxshine Orange Peel Remover Polishing Pad is a professional detailer solution to remove orange peel on the clear coat layer, the top coat and is less aggressive than the denim 2000 grit due to the nature of the velvet material.

It let you save time and effort, for hard to remove the orange peel on the car surfaces, without needing wet sanding.Orange Peel PAD

Denim Orange peel remover

The orange peel polishing pad has been designed as a professional detailer solution to remove heavy orange peel on the thick paint system as it employs aggressive rough denim offering maximum leveling power resulting in the creation of a perfectly smooth surface.

It let you save time and effort, for hard to remove the orange peel on the car surfaces, without needing wet sanding.  The polishing pads work with both rotary or da polishers.Polishing Pads - Orange Peel Remover

6″ Sandpaper Grit 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000 

Maxshine provides fine-grade sandpapers with 6-inch discs ranging from 1200, 1500, 2000, and 3000 grits.polishing pads - sandpaper

They are made for producing an even and consistent scratch pattern, a perfect polishing effect on the surface. The sandpaper discs have hook and loop attachments ready for easy use on non-metal surfaces such as wood, paint, rubber, leather, plastic, and other soft materials.

What is an Interface Pad? 

An interface foam pad is unique among polishing foam pads in that they are used for in-between and conforming to contour a finer finish.Soft Foam Interface Pads

MaxShine’s interface pads carry an extra soft foam layer insertion that helps even to pressure distribution. The center cut and the 8 vacuum holes help to reduce the heat and absorb dust during polishing while ensuring smooth contouring for final sanding prep.

How does the soft foam interface pad work with other pads?

The interface pad works mainly with sandpapers in order to prepare the final polishing.  This is the reason why it is called an “Interface Pad”.  The interface pad is attached to a polisher plate, then the thin sandpaper can be easily attached to the interface pad.  Since the sandpaper is thin and difficult to be attached to a polishing plate directly, the interface pad helps to attach it to the plate.  A foam pad can be also attached to the interface pad when polishing highly curved surfaces; the interface works as an extra cushion contouring the curves making it easier to polish.



Polishing pads ultimately provide brilliant car detailing results by collaborating with various types of chemical compounds and polishing machines.  Choosing the right polishing pads not only achieves your goal but also saves you time and money.  MaxShine effectively addresses what you are looking for and is ready to serve your needs by bringing all the tools you need to do your detailing.

car polishing pads

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