Ultra-soft Microfiber Towels For Car Detailing

Microfiber towels are widely used for car detailing in various activities due to their soft and reusable nature. However, there are other types of towels served for particular applications such as suede towels for a coating process. Of the diversified and dynamic nature of car detailing, MaxShine is ready, serving a full line of microfiber towels for any car detailing process.  Microfiber towels are often used with chemical compounds for cleaning, coating, and finishing process.  Each towel provides its own property to assist the processes collaborating with chemical compounds. 

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What are Microfiber Towels made of?

The majority of microfiber towels are made of polyester and polyamide fibers, which are separately manufactured, then fused together by applying heat.  Polyester is derived from petroleum and alternatives are crops and other recycled materials. The characteristics of polyester are durable,  lightweight, quick to dry, and wrinkle resistive.  Polyamide is also from petroleum that provides excellent water resistance and durability, yet soft and absorbent. Thus, by combining these two fibers, microfiber towels are characterized as:

  • Soft and absorbent
  • Durable and reusable
  • Lightweight
  • Quick to dry
  • Wrinkle resistive

What is the ratio of polyester and polyamide fibers blended?

Typically, the 70/30 ratio blending of polyester and polyamide (70% polyester: 30% polyamide) is generally softer, and more absorbent than that of 80/20 blending. Thus, for car detailing applications, the 70/30 ratio is predominantly used as scratch-free concerns the first priority in car detailing.

What is the GSM for microfiber towels?

Microfiber towels are further classified by the GSM, which stands for grams per square meter, the measurement of the weight of fabric in sheets.  The lowest GSM used in car detailing is 180GSS and the highest GSM is 1,000GSM or higher; each class of GSM has its own applications in car detailing services.



 Product Image

Sample Product Name

180 ~ 300Utilitiesmicrofiber towels - utility application

MaxShine 260GSM 12″x12″ Microfiber Edgeless Utility Towels

330 ~ 600General cleaningmicrofiber towels - general cleaning towels

MaxShine 500GSM Interior Microfiber Car Cloth

600 ~ 1200Dryingmicrofiber towels - drying towelsMaxShine Duo Twisted Loop Microfiber Drying Towels 

Note that the drying towels are generally large in dimensions and have higher GSM for fast drying during the washing process.

Why towels are colored for car detailing?

Car detailing involves different types of processes for different parts of a car, which induces cross-contamination among the towels during the detailing process. A towel used in a coating process, cannot be used for washing since the towel contains a coating chemical compound in the towel.  Once the same towel is contaminated with a coating compound, it migrates to another towel when washing or drying.   To prevent possible cross-contamination, the towels for car detailing are colored ensuring each color is used in a specific process.

Other types of towels for car detailing

Suede Towels

Often car detailing requires using specific towels such as suede towels for ceramic coating. Suede towels are great for cleaning delicate surfaces without leaving scratches.  It can safely apply a ceramic coating on painted surfaces without removing the essential substances of the coating compound.

MaxShine Microfiber Towels

MaxShine offers a wide variety of microfiber towels for car detailing.  Some of the towels are overlapping in specific applications; however, the low GSM, under 600GSM towels are used for utility and general cleaning purposes. The higher the GSM towels, the more suitable to car washing and drying.

Window Cleaning Towels

Cleaning car windows or mirrors requires extra soft and fine chemicals.  In addition to that, it is desired to have a dedicated colored towel in order to prevent any cross-contamination among towels. MaxShine has a microfiber towel specific to cleaning car windows and mirrors colored green, which is ultra soft, thus ideal for the application.

Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towel

Washing and Drying Towels

The high GSM of over 600GSM towels is for drying applications since they provide more weight and large dimensions ideal for quick car drying.  Today, 1200GSM towels are prevailing in the market thanks to their heavy and large dimensions.

Polishing Towels

The towels used in the polishing process are 330GSM to 380GSM towels meeting the nature of polishing jobs associated with polishing machines and chemical compounds with rubbing, removing, and cleaning.

Coating Towels

MaxShine Suede Towels work with the Graphene Ceramic Coating by MaxShine. Ceramic coating is laid onto the towels and applied to the car surface for coating.  Thanks to the nature of the Suede Towel, the coating is applied safely and evenly without removing the top coating of the painted car surfaces.  The 380GSM towels can be used with Graphene Ceramic Coating provided by MaxShine as indicated in the photo below.

Ceramic Coating Protection

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