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Experience the best dual action polishers from MaxShine, the professional, high-quality, high performance, and ergonomic design with a wide variety of choices, meeting any necessary car detailing process. MaxShine provides the best professional dual-action polishers with diversified products, namely M8S V2, M15 Pro, M21 Pro, M312, and Reaper.

Engineered to scale every angle of your car detailing job needs

The DA polishers are all specifically engineered to meet specific needs requiring various applications in car detailing. The wide selection of polishers is uniquely designed for differentiating orbital sizes and speeds of the motor for targeting small areas, and shaped areas, from light swirl marks to deep scratches. For user mobility, MaxShine offers a cordless polisher, which uniquely has the ability to provide both rotary and DA polisher properties once the exchangeable module is replaced from a DA to a rotary module or vice versa.

What are the differences among the MaxShine DA Polishers?

The orbit size is the major difference among the models and engineering improvements of a model. For example, M8S V2 Pro uses an 8mm orbital size, and M15 Pro adopts a 15mm orbital size. The 8mm is a smaller throw movement as compared to the 12mm or 15mm, suitable for polishing smaller target areas.  Furthermore, the size of the orbit movement together with the motor speed contributes to the use of different sizes of polisher plates and pads.

Dual-action polishers are better for new users and refined shine

Dual action polishers generate less heat for cutting and are easier to manage than the rotary polisher.  For targeted cutting or polishing small areas, dual action polishers are better and safer than the rotary polishers since they dissipate heat more efficiently due to the dual motions: the circular motion and random orbital motion. 

dual action polishers - orbital movements

Who are the dual action polisher users?

The dual action polishers can be used in many applications for polishing hard surfaces and especially, and they are better for new users in car detailing.  The polishers can be used in detailing boats, motorcycles, trucks, automobiles, and even personal airplanes. Whether you are a beginner or a professional detailer, a DA polisher is a good choice of detailing for targeting small areas and shaped areas, hard-to-reach areas without leaving swirl marks and scratches.

MaxShine Offered Dual Action Polishers

MaxShine puts in its best efforts to meet demands from new users, professional detailers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Each of these groups may have specific needs, however, there are commonalities that exist:

  • High performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Speed control
  • Lightweight
  • Availability of various accessories: pads, plates, and chemical compounds with the polishers

Besides these common needs, a professional detailer or enthusiast may need a specific polisher for a particular job that requires cutting, polishing, or finishing.

A brief overview of MaxShine Dual Action Polishers

MaxShine PolishersCharacteristics
M8S V2: Optimum DA Optimal DA Polisher:  optimized for commonalities of various groups of users: Affordable
M312: Original The original DA Polisher: lightweight, ideal for small, shaped area detailing
M15 Pro: Premium A premium class DA Polisher, ideal for larger area detailing with a 15mm orbital size
M21 Pro: Prestige A prestige class DA Polisher, ideal for larger area detailing with a 21mm orbital size
The Reaper: Special A special revision of M15 Pro


The Reaper: Special

The Reaper is a special revision of M15 Pro for improving efficiency, swirl-free, scratch-free with a soft start and constant speed with balance.  The power cord has extended from 13 feet to 19 feet offering more flexibility.

Orbit Size: 15mm, Backing Plate Size: 5 inches, No Load Speed (RPM): 2,200 to 5,000, Cord Length: 19 feet,  Dimension & Weight with plate, power cord: 16.7(L) x 4.1(W) x 5.3(H), 6.83lbs

dual action polishers - the reaper
dual action polishers - The optimal DA polisher M8s V2


M8S V2: Optimal DA Polisher

The M8S V2 has been optimized for most of the user groups and engineered to address the common needs of the users with a powerful 1000W motor adding more power and efficiency. The 6 variable speed adjustments with 1/2 step increments particularly add value to your fine detailing work. The ergonomic and detachable handle can be adjusted to almost any angle. It is durable and reliable yet offers great comfort during your detailing journey.

Orbit Size: 8mm, Backing Plate Size: 5 inches, No Load Speed (RPM):  2,500 to 6,500, Speed Dial: 6, Cord Length: 13 feet, Dimension & Weight with plate, and power cord: 13.4(L) x 3.5(W) x 5.4(H), 5.11 lbs

M312: Original

The M312 brings originality to what a dual-action polisher is.  It provides a 12mm orbit size with 550W motor with a perfect balance.  The 12mm dual action polisher is situated between the 8mm and 15mm orbital size, covering both large and small areas. This is the reason why the M312 has the personality of the original DA polisher.

Orbit Size: 12mm, Backing Plate Size: 3 inches, No Load Speed (PPM): 2,200 to 5,000, Speed Dial: 6, Cord Length: 13 feet, Dimension & Weight with plate, power cord: 2.5(L) x 2.8(W) x 4,6(H), 4,13 lbs

dual action polishers - m312 the original da polisher

M21 Pro: The Prestige

The prestige class M21 Pro enables a 21mm orbital size allowing for large area coverage. The larger orbit size works better for covering large areas with linear pad movement and traveling longer, increasing pad velocity. The powerful 1000W motor with improved efficiency allows more power and torque on any surface while it is perfectly balanced.  The comfortable ergonomic, rubberized hand and horn grips help to deliver smooth operation.

Orbit Size: 21mm, Backing Plate Size: 6 inches, No Load Speed (RPM): 2,200~5,000, Speed Dial: 6, Cord Length: 13 feet, Dimension & Weight with plate, power cord: 16.5(L) x 4.2(W) x 5.2(H), 6.71 lbs

dual action polishers - m21 pro prestige polisher

M15 Pro: Premium

The M15 Pro is a premium class DA polisher, among other MaxShine Dual Action Polishers, that provides an ultimatum solution to the users with a comfortable ergonomic design having large rubberized hand space and horn grip for the best user experience.  It furthers the great user experience by having a 1000W motor and featuring a variable speed trigger with a locking function and anti-tip brace for keeping polisher balanced when set down.  The internal parts are well balanced to minimize vibration and maximize transferring power to the target surface bringing outstanding polishing results.

dual action polishers - M15 Pro The Premium Polisher

How to use a dual-action polisher?

Car detailing involves several processes depending on the condition of a car and job requirements. MaxShine defines the job flow as preparation, cutting, polishing, and finishing.  Each process may require to use of different types of polishing pads and chemical compounds with a polisher.  In this topic, we are focusing on how to use a dual-action polisher, which is relatively easier and safer for beginners, assuming you want to do a polishing process with the M8S V2, the optimal DA polisher.

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