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What makes MaxShine a Professional Car Polisher Manufacturer?

MaxShine manufactures and distributes professional car polishers globally with innovation and quality, continuously putting effort into and learning from customers. One of our goals is to provide the most convenient mobility for the car detailing industry.  Car polishers are categorized into several including Rotary, Dual Action, and Cordless with the ability to provide both rotary and dual action in motion.  To safeguard long use of polishers, MaxShine offers various types of polisher holders which can embrace all MaxShine branded polishers.

Before we explore the MaxShine Professional Polishers, let us understand the differences between rotary and DA polishers and the association of polishers and polishing compounds.


What is the difference between Rotary Polishers vs. Dual Action Polishers?

There is a notable difference between rotary and dual-action polishers.  The rotary polisher spins in a circular motion only, which is simple but it generates more heat and is difficult to control. However, it works much better in correcting highly damaged surfaces and larger coverage to polish.  On the other hand, a dual-action polisher or random orbital polisher rotates and oscillates. The head rotates in a concentric circular motion and randomly oscillates in the spindle at the same time offering easier to handle, generating less heat, and safer for the surfaces.

rotary polisher motion car polishers - random orbital movements

 When was polishing compound invented?

The concept of polishing originated from a person named Menzerna from Germany in 1888, who invented the idea of polishing compounds and started producing different types of liquid, solid, and paste compounds.  Afterward, the polishing compounds were further developed for cars and used with car polisher machines in the US.


MaxShine Car Polishers for professional applications

MaxShine contributes 3 main categories of polishers today.  They were developed for professional detailing: enthusiasts, hobbyists, detailers, and anyone who likes to learn about car detailing.

MaxShine Rotary polishers

The MaxShine Rotary Polishers are classified by power wattages: 550W or 1000W, and a mini polisher system.


Overview:  The M550 provides 550 Watts of power, and is lightweight and compact, which was developed for polishing small and hard-to-reach areas using 3″ polishing pads.

Dimension and weights: 11.3(L) x 3.1(W) x 4.1(H), 4.11 LBS

Maxshine Professional Car Polishers M550 3″/550W Rotary Car Polisher


Overview:  The M1000 provides a powerful 1000 Watts, and is a great choice for removing marks, scratches, and any heavy-duty buffing jobs.  It provides more power and larger coverage by using 1000W and 5″ inch pads.

Dimension and weights:16.1(L )x 3.5(W )x 4.8(H), 5.48LBS

Maxshine Professional Car Polishers M550 3″/550W Rotary Car Polisher

Mini Rotary Polishing System

The Mini Rotary Polishing System is unique and has been designed for polishing small and shaped areas like headlamps, headlights, brake lights, emblems, and other interiors. It connects to the M550 and M1000W rotary polishers to function.

Dimension and weights: 60.5(L) inch end-to-end length, 1 inch (W), 1.5 pounds

MaxShine Professional Mini Rotary Polishing System

Rotary Polisher Model Comparison: M550 and M1000

Currently, MaxShine provides two models of rotary polishers for heavy-duty jobs. In this comparison, we will exclude the Mini Rotary Polisher System since the application of the Mini Rotary Polisher is limited as compared to other rotary polishers.

Rotary PolisherRotary Polisher
Maxshine M550 Rotary PolisherMaxshine M1000 Rotary Polisher
Spindle Thread Size5/8″5/8″
Disc Size3 inches5 inches
Rated Voltage110V AC110V AC
No Load Speed (RPM)1,000~3,500800~3,000
Cord Length 13 feet 13 feet
Dimension &

Weight with plate, power cord

4.2 lbs5.45 lbs
12.5(L) x 3.1(W) x 4.0(H)16(L) x 4.1(W) x 4.9(H)

3.5 (W): without Plate

Dual Action Polishers

Before we begin exploring about MaxShine DA Polishers, we should look into the details of DA Polisher: orbit vs. rotational movement, and the impact of small orbit vs. large orbit size,  then compare the performance efficiencies between the 15mm vs. 21mm orbit size.

Orbit vs. Rotational Movement

Earlier in this article, we talked about the difference in movements between the rotary and DA polishers.  The dual-action polisher rotates and oscillates at the same time benefiting better heat dissipation and is safer than the rotary polisher. The oscillation movement is called the orbital movement, which is measured by the diameter of each orbit; there are many orbital movements in a DA polisher.

Impacts of Large Orbit vs. Small Orbit Size

The orbit size is different from one DA polisher to another. The smaller orbit and the larger orbit size have pros and cons, each contributing to the performance of an application.

Larger Orbit Size
Small Orbit Size
  • Increasing linear pad movement and traveling longer
  • Increasing pad velocity
  • Less efficient for small areas and edges
  • Decreasing linear pad movement
  • Reducing pad velocity
  • More precise, efficient for small areas and edges
Performance efficiency comparison between the 15mm vs. 21mm orbit sizes
Items to compare
15 mm
21 mm
Edge, small areasEfficientLess Efficient
CurvesEfficientLess Efficient
Large area coverage and large carsLess EfficientEfficient
Other contributing factors for polisher performance

The above tables are factors comparing characteristics of sizes and their attributes; however, there are other variables that directly impact polisher performances:

  • Speed of the machine
  • Pad material, sizes, and weights
  • Polishing compounds
  • User’s skillset

These are other known factors that are measurable and immeasurable; generally, the larger the orbit size, the more skillset is required.

MaxShine Dual Action Polishers

MaxShine offers 5 different models of DA polishers: M15Pro, M21Pro, M312, M8S V2, and Reaper. They are used in different types of applications and are uniquely designed to meet each application.  We will compare common models first, then will describe other models.

dual action polisherdual action polisherdual action polisher
M8 Pro DA Polisher (8mm)M15 Pro DA Polisher (15mm)M21 Pro DA Polisher (21mm)
Orbit Size8mm15mm21mm
Backing Plate Size5 inches5 inches6 inches
No Load Speed (RPM)2,000~6,5002,200~5,0002,200~5,000
Cord Length13 feet13 feet13 feet
Dimension &

Weight with plate, power cord

5.17 lbs5.15 lbs6.71 lbs 
15.2(L) x 3.9(W) x 5.4(H)16(L) x 4.1(W) x 5.1(H)16.5(L) x 4.2(W) x 5.2(H)
Professional Car Polishers - M8S V2Professional Car Polishers M312Professional Car Polishers - Reaper
M8S V2 DA Polisher (8mm)M312 DA Polisher (12mm)Reaper DA Polisher (15mm)
Orbit Size8mm12mm15mm
Backing Plate Size5 inches3 inches5 inches
No Load Speed (RPM) 2,500 to 6,5002,200 to 5,0002,200 to 5,000
Cord Length13 feet13 feet19 feet
Dimension &

Weight with plate, power cord

5.11 lbs4,13 lbs6.83lbs 
13.4(L) x 3.5(W) x 5.4(H)12.5(L) x 2.8(W) x 4,6(H)16.7(L) x 4.1(W) x 5.3(H)
MaxShine Cordless Polisher M0312 V2 | Maximizes mobility for professional car detailing

The M0312 V2 comes with multiple enhancements from the previous version, M0312: Improved battery quality; better balance, lower vibration, and temperature; more precise speed control with an anti-slip switch, increased torque, and softer and better ergonomic grip, ultimately maximizes user convenience

M0312 V2 Overview

  • Super lightweight: it only weighs 2 pounds with battery and pad ready to go.
  • Adjustable speed settings offer additional convenience while you are working on your car detailing; it provides 6 Speed Settings: 2500 – 6000RPM; Step 1: 2000RPM; Step 2: 2600RPM; Step 3: 3200RPM; Step 4: 3800RPM; Step 5: 4400RPM; 6:4700RPM.  You can easily find out the step through the RPM indicator LED.
  • The 80W Cordless Car Detailing Polisher works as both Dual Action Polisher and Rotary Polisher by changing the machine head.
  • Battery indicator color changes based on battery availability: Green 50% ~  100%; Yellow 20% ~ 50%; and Red 0% ~ 20%. When the battery reaches 0%, the Red led starts blinking.
  • 2  Batteries (2Ah)included for non-stop operation; Operation time:  35 min to 45 min, Charging time: 30 min.

MaxShine M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Polisher-06

MaxShine Polisher Pads

The polisher works with various types of polishing pads for bringing fine results from cutting, polishing, and finishing.  Each process and level of paint correction require different types of polishing pads made of Foam, Microfiber, and Wool. To complete the detailing processes, MaxShine brings a rich set of pads covering all the possibilities required to polish.


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