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Car detailing is an ongoing job whether you are an enthusiast, professional detailer, hobbyist, or consumer, as long as you are driving your car daily.  Choosing a car detailing product brand is not easy when it comes to an unfamiliar one. Here are our suggestions to choose the right brand for your car detailing journey.

  • Check to see if the brand offers a wide variety of products: end-to-end solutions.
  • Check the consumer reviews on the brand’s website
  • Responsiveness of the brand that keeps and delivers promises to consumers
MaxShine’s wide variety of products, affordable pricing, reputable consumer services, and seamless delivery of its promise are incomparable in the industry.affordable car detailing

MaxShine is an affordable brand

Thanks to the brand’s dedication to car detailing, MaxShine offers consumers affordable price points across the line of products with high-quality, reliable, and high consumer satisfaction recognized by the industry.  MaxShine believes it exists only if it keeps consumers happy and keeps delivering promises.

A consumer review on the Mini Cordless Polisher Matt Strouse  Seriously the best bang for your buck with entry-level polishers. Super impressed and happy with this purchase!”

Rich set of product portfolios

car detailing - The affordable brand MaxShine - graphical presentationMaxShine offers a rich set of products from end to end for car detailing.  For every angle and aspect of your car, MaxShine cares about great details. We constantly put heavy efforts into product enhancements for your convenience and easy car detailing.

Affordable Car Polishing Machines

MaxShine believes that it covers almost all the possible car polishers you need: from the rotary, dual-action, and cordless, to the mini rotary polisher systems.  You may wonder why there are many car polishers MaxShine offers. The car polisher has to be diversified in order to meet specific needs in car detailing: cutting, polishing, and finishing for small or shaped areas, large coverage, deep scratches, light scratches, swirl marks, aged paint, sunburn marks, and any chemical oxidation.  The polisher must be specific to the orbit or disc sizes for dual-action or rotary polisher, the job process, and the area it targets.  Thus, MaxShine offers a wide variety of polishers to meet those variables associated with car detailing.

Unbeatable Offer: M8S V2

The Optimized Dual Action Polisher 

You may not be able to find this type of deal with such a powerful engine with an ergonomically designed polisher.

MaxShine M8S V2-1000W Motor | Dual Action Polisher for Car Detailing

Paring Chemical Products

Car polishing requires chemical compounds, especially with polishing machines. It would be impossible without chemical compounds for cutting and polishing in an effort to remove deep swirl marks on car surfaces. Pairing a polisher with the right chemical compounds in a detailing process requires some thoughts associated with your job objective. MaxShine can assist and recommend the right compounds for your particular needs.
x-Out cutting compound polishing

Compound polishing

Assisted Products with affordable solutions

MaxShine serves a full line of car detailing products, not only chemicals but also towels, brushes, detailing tools, various types of polishing pads, and plates that go with the polishers. The brushes, applicators, washing mitts, and towels are essential for detailing small, delicate shaped areas requiring manual human efforts.  Furthermore, it is ready to serve organizers for various tools, which saves you time and valuable space. In the following topics, we will explore how MaxShine can help its customers.

Foam Cannon high pressure Maxshine Detailing Products 2

Foam Cannon High-pressure Maxshine Detailing Products

Car Wash

Car washing is one of every car owner’s routine maintenance works. You may consider utilizing a foam cannon that definitely helps to accelerate the washing job.  You may choose from several foam cannons: low-pressure, high-pressure, and hand-pump cannons. These are all affordable price ranges yet help you greatly reduce your effort and time for washing.



Car washing applies to a prep process before a paint correction job, ensuring a clean car for efficient and perfect detailing of cutting, polishing, and finishing.  The foam cannon generates tons of suds with a cleaning compound, namely, Ultra-foaming Wash comes in either 16oz or 1G.

Carpet hair removal brush

Often your car carpet builds up various objects such as dog hair and dirt, which are hard to remove from the carpet. MaxShine’s affordable carpet brushes are built to easily pick up any conductive objects on the carpet using innovative electrostatic rubber bristles attracting the objects.  The brush is handy to carry in your car or home. You can use it for your home carpets as well.




car detailing - car carpet brush


Detailing tiny openings and shaped areas

Small particles like dirt sit on tiny openings, and small areas make it annoying to remove them. Often they are hard to remove and clean without a proper tool. MaxShine offers affordable choices for detailing those hard-to-reach areas including small brushes and swabs.  The car air ventilation openings and control knobs are particularly difficult to clean; the swabs are perfect for cleaning those tight targets.

car detailing with swab for small areas - affordable solutions


car detailing - car seat cleaning

Car seat cleaning

Whether a leather seat or a fabric seat, MaxShine has an affordable detailing solution for you using cleaning compounds with one of their microfiber towels or applicators depending on the surface material and your choice.


Car Detailing - Tire Shine Detailing

Tire Detailing with the Tire Shine and Brushes

Detailing tires is one of the most crucial processes of car maintenance due to the nature of the tires bearing the pressure, heat generated from the friction between the tire and the road, absorbing sharp objects, and sunlight which all attribute to the tire being worn out easily. Therefore, scheduled tire detailing is the highest priority in order to safely drive your car.


Wheel Cleaning Brushes

Often cleaning wheels is tricky with curved areas and unreachable bolts and nuts, which often contribute to the source of the rust stains on your wheel and tire. With MaxShine’s Wheel cleaning brush solutions along with wheel and tire cleaner, the issue will be resolved.

car detailing - wheel cleaning brush

Car Window Washing

With the various washing mitts, you should be able to clean your windows effortlessly. Multifunctional chenille wash mitt, Ultra-soft  Microfiber wash mitt, and Finger pocket or gloves washing mitt gives you an affordably quick and easy car window washing solution.

car detailing - affordable washing mitts for window cleaning




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