Why do you need the Best Car Detailing Cleaner?

As a car owner, it is important to maintain the appearance and longevity of your vehicle. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance not only keep it looking good but also protects its value. However, with the daily wear and tear, dust, grime, and environmental factors, it can be challenging to keep your car in top condition. This is where a high-quality car detailing cleaner comes in. The best car detailing cleaner will effectively remove dirt and grime, restore shine, and protect surfaces from future damage. With the right product, you can keep your car looking like new and maintain its value for years to come.

Relationship between cleaning compounds and polishing machines

The concept of polishing using chemical compounds was born in Germany by a person named Menzena in 1888 who started making polishing compounds using different types of material.  Then the polishing compounds were developed for cars and used with polishing machines, which more effectively polish car surfaces than manual polishing due to the power of the motor and repeated circular movement that helps fine polishing or cutting.  Today, a wide variety of cleaning compounds are available for specific detailing jobs with polishing machines, polishing pads, and plates.

About this article

This article dives into the various types of car detailing cleaners MaxShine offers and explains the differences among the products, how to choose them, where to apply them, the benefits of using them, and finally talks about the best car dealing cleaners offered by MaxShine.


bucket seat with Exterior Detailing cleaners chemicals

bucket seat with Exterior Detailing cleaners chemicals

Aio Cleaner and exterior brush

Aio Cleaner and exterior brush


All in One Car Leather Conditioner & Cleaner

All in One Car Leather Conditioner & Cleaner

Car Exterior Detailing:

The best car detailing cleaners are necessary in maintaining your car which accumulates dirt, road grime, contaminants, harmful UV rays for the car surface, and oxidation causing faded surfaces. Combining all these unwanted objects on your car shortens the life expectancy of your the exterior, specifically tires, wheels, brakes, and other critical parts on your car, potentially becoming more costly when they are not maintained in the proper timeframe.





Car Interior Detailing

Regular  car interior detailing is also necessary due to the fact that seats, carpets, dashboards, inaccessible parts, and much more, easily get dirty. This often causes discoloration and unpleasant odors in your car interior. Quick car washes often won’t help you to clean inside your car, especially when there are heavy stains like coffee, soda, and other liquid spills.  Furthermore, it can be quite difficult to remove pet hair embedded in carpets, seats, and the numerous tight areas within car interiors.


What types of car cleaners are available in the market and how to choose them?

There are numerous car cleaning chemicals available in the market and it can be confusing to know what to choose especially when they are very similar to each other.  The key to choosing the right cleaning chemical is understanding what a chemical cleaner does to meet your needs.

Let us break down the types of car cleaners available in the market

Ultra Foaming Wash | exterior cleaners

Ultra Foaming Wash | Exterior cleaners

Car Exterior Products 

Typically, car exterior products are further broken down by car parts: paint, tires, wheels, engines, glass, and headlights.

Tire and Wheel Cleaner:

Tire and Wheel cleaners are often formulated together for your convenience without needing a separate cleaner for the tire and wheel. These types of cleaners are experts at removing tough dirt and grime.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner spray
Tire Shine and Nourish

Most of the time, a wheel cleaner cleans both brakes and wheels since the base of the material is made of metal.  Tires are made of rubber and silicone, and manufacturers include a special additive in the rubber to extend the life of the tires. This is what causes “blooming”, the brownish color that occurs over time by oxidation. After cleaning, adding a layer of nourishing protection can help prolong the life of the tire as well as limit the appearance of “blooming”.

Tire Shine Spary in Tire Applicator
Iron Remover

The wheel is one of the important components of your car.  Wheels can easily get oxidized and accumulate dirt, road grime, and other contaminants.  Some tire cleaners have the ability to clean wheels, however, if you feel you need more than just a clean since they have not only oxidation marks or rust but also pitting, then you may need a specific formula to remove the rust and reduce the pitting on your wheels.  Look for a formula saying Iron Remover.

wheel cleaner

Car Surface Cleaner and Waxes

There are many types of chemicals for the painted surfaces of a car whether you are cleaning, polishing, or protecting. Car Wash Shampoos, Water Spot Removers, Waxes, Conditioners, and Paint Correcting Polishes and Compounds are specifically designed to clean, polish, and protect your car paint for a longer period of time. Each of these chemicals serves a specific function and the choice between them is based on your detailing objective and the car’s condition.


Car Interior Products 

Car interiors are also prone to dirt, smoke, coffee spills, and air pollution. All these can affect your car interior, producing unwanted color changes and smells.  They typically consist of seats, carpets, dashboards, mirrors, and windows.

AIO Conditioner interior car cleaner application

AIO Conditioner interior car cleaner application

Seat Cleaner, Conditioner, and Protectant

Car seats get the most wear and tear of all the interior surfaces of your car. Cleaning chemicals are usually multifunctional, if the chemicals are for fabric, then usually they can work on carpets as well. Fabric cleaners also come with a protective feature so that the seats are cleaned and maintained for an extended period, at least 3 months or longer period, after applying a formula.

Leather seat cleaners, most of the time, offer cleaning and conditioning to provide a good scent and shine.

Aio Cleaner interior automotive

Aio Cleaner interior automotive

Coffee Stains on Your car carpet

One of the biggest reasons you will need an interior cleaner is to remove coffee spills on your car carpet or seat.  Coffee stains are hard to remove and they will stay almost permanently.  You will need a special formula to eliminate these hard-to-remove spots on your car carpet.  Search for “Car Fabric Cleaner” or “Fabric Protectant”.  They will help you effortlessly remove the spots to restore the original look and protect it from further stains.

Glass Cleaner Spray in action

Glass Cleaner Spray in action

Car Mirror Cleaner

Your car mirrors and windows need to be kept clean and clear at all times for safe driving. The types of cleaners specifically formulated for glass surfaces are often called “Car Mirror Cleaner” or “Glass Cleaner“.

What are the benefits of using a specific car cleaner formula?

  • Saves you time and money; it is an investment for your valuable asset, cleaning and protecting your car for longer use
  • Imperfect paint on your car surface requires a special formula since a normal cleaner won’t clean the surface easily and sometimes it damages your car’s surface
  • A good formula lasts long, maintaining a terrific shiny look for years
  • Contaminants deposited on your brakes, wheels, and tires are harmful and could be dangerous; spending a little bit of your time and money potentially saves you from critical issues
  • It makes you feel better and your day fresh!

Other assisted accessories for cleaning compounds

For bringing the best results, there are some necessary accessories to use with the cleaning compounds such as towels, applicators, and other cleaning or waxing tools.  MaxShine offers a wide variety of towels: microfiber, suede, and carbon fiber. Each towel has its own characteristics to assist with detailing jobs.  Microfiber towels are the most commonly used for car washing, drying, coating, and general use, which are classified by the GSM (grams per square meter) the measurement of the weight of fabric in sheets.

The Best Car Detailing Cleaner by MaxShine

The best car detailing cleaners by MaxShine are not only high-quality but address each area for your vehicle detailing.  We have a range of chemical compounds available for your choice and need, whether you are looking for interior, exterior, or specific areas such as a car seat, carpet, tire and wheel, paint correction, conditioning, waxing, and cleaning, which are necessary to maintain your car in good condition for long use.

About MaxShine Car Exterior Cleaners | Tire, Wheel, Metal Surface

MaxShine detailing car cleaners for car exteriors are further defined by each product’s properties addressing specific use: Wheel & Tire, Tire Shine & Nourish, and Iron Remover.

Product Name
Tire Shine & NourishWheel and Tire Cleaner Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner
Product Image
tire shine 16ozWHEEL AND TIRE CLEANERIron Remover wheel cleaner

Car Exterior: Tire


Car Exterior: Wheel, TireCar Exterior: Wheel, Brakes, Coated Painted Surfaces
Specifics & Short Description

Tire shine & nourishment

Gives your tire look wet and shiny look, provides a rich nourishment


Wheel and Tire Cleaner 

Instantly breaks down dirt & contaminants on wheels, tires, and brakes. Safe to use on protected/coated surfaces


Iron Remover & Cleaner

Removing and cleaning iron particles, industrial fallout, and other contaminants  


About MaxShine Car Exterior Compound | Paint Corrections, Swirl Removers

Among the best car detailing cleaners by MaxShine are car exterior cleaners that are specific to removing swirls, marring, and etching from a car paint surface.  Each product has its own functional properties and applications, even though there are some similarities with overlapping common functions.

Product Name

Maxcut X-Out Cutting Compound 16oz

Mirror Finish Polish 16oz AIO Polish & Protect 16oz, 32oz 
Product Image
Mirror Finish Polish

Best Car Detailing Cleaner - AIO Cleaner

Car Exterior:  Paint CorrectionCar Exterior:  Paint Correction and Polish  Car Exterior: Swirls removal, polish & sealant for protection
Specifics & Short Description
Removing Scratches, Swirls, Correcting PaintEnhancing any vehicle’s appearance and removing fine scratches and swirl marks

Removing swirls, and minor scratches, restoring gloss shine.

About MaxShine Car Exterior Chemicals | Wash and Protect

MaxShine offers you just the right products for your need from a quick clean and protect to a wash focused product.  We address these delicate needs for your variety of choices.  There are more chemicals in this particular category, you can check further by visiting the category page of the best car detailing cleaners.

Product Name
Mist Enhance and Protect 16ozWild Cherry Speed Wax 16ozUltra Foam Wash 16oz 1G
Product Image
Best car detailing cleaner - Mist Enhance Polish ProtectSpeed Wax-16oz

Best Car Detailing Cleaner - foam wash

Car Exterior: Polymer SealantCar Exterior: Spray WaxCar Exterior: High Foaming Wash
Specifics & Short Description
Protects Paint with a Glossy Finish – SyntheticProtects Paint with a Glossy Finish – Natural ElementsHigh foaming action for car wash, optimal suds when used with a foam cannon

About MaxShine Car Wax and Coating

We have special formulas that creates an extra layer of car surface for protection, using different chemical technologies.  Check them out and find what you need.

Product Name

Graphene Ceramic Coating

Carnauba Paste Wax

X-Treme Glaze

Product Image
graphene ceramic coating 7Carnauba Paste WaxBest car detailing cleaner - Xtreme Glaze
Car Coating: Strongest coating at a targeted area Car Wax: Protective coating, and helps fills scratches Car Wax: Carnauba wax, super shiny look
Specifics & Short Description
Best longevity and extremely easy to maintain your car 

A natural wax made of Brazilian Carnauba, deeper and wetter polish, fill scratches


Leveraging Carnauba Wax properties, durable and super glossy wet finish 

About MaxShine Car Interior Cleaners | Car Seat, Carpet, Leather Seat

The interior of your car is also exposed to UV rays, coffee spills, oxidation, and other attributes of weather, changing the car interior color and scent, and sometimes causing cracks.  Without regular and proper maintenance, these unwanted conditions continuously deteriorate your car interior.  The fresh look of the interiors and their terrific scent shall make your day feel refreshed and new.  MaxShine has the solutions for you with a variety of choices meeting your needs.


Product Name

Car Fabric Protectant

All in One Car Leather Conditioner & Cleaner

AIO Cleaner Exterior Interior Car Cleaner
Product Image
Car Fabric ProtectorAll in One interior car leather conditionerAIO Cleaner 16 Oz
Car Interior: Fabric protectionCar Interior: Leather cleaner and conditionerCar Interior and Exterior: General surface cleaner
Specifics & Short Description
Protect fabric car seats and carpets, makes cleaning up spills a breeze 

Clean, nourish, and protect leather, plastic, and rubber 


A general surface cleaner for fabrics, leather, metal, and painted surfaces


About MaxShine

MaxShine is a brand focusing on car detailing with a large product selection dynamically developed and produced for your needs.  We always care about you and car detailing, with this brand’s core value, we have been successfully serving our products in the global marketplace, covering almost all regions.  One of the core brand values is to create for customers, NOT for us, and always look to improve formulas to benefit our customers.

Why MaxShine is the best?

You may find MaxShine has one of the largest selections of detailing products.  We want to maximize your convenience with a single-stop selection, saving you time and energy.  Compare the quality of the products among others; we proudly manufacture the best quality in the world!  We as a car detailing brand understand car care and maintenance.

Why Maxshine Products?

  • Efficient, Effective, High-quality
  • Address every aspect of your car detailing | A complete end-to-end solution
  • Fully understands your needs
  • One of the largest car detailing solution provider

People Also Asked

How often do I need to apply Tire Shine and Nourish?

The Tire Shine and Nourish usually last about 1 to 2 months, depending on the area you are living in, and the frequency and travel time of your car. You can easily see signs of losing the wet shiny look, then you need to reapply the formula.

Do I need a special towel, applicator, or any other tools to apply any of the car detailing cleaners?

Yes, we highly recommend choosing the right tool for a particular cleaner. Consider the car part you want to clean and the characteristics of a cleaner to apply. For instance, you may need a brush to clean your car wheel and tire.

Can I wax my car by myself?

Yes, you certainly can. For any special formula you are not familiar with, then we recommend using a professional service.

How often do I need to wax my car?

Generally waxing your car last 1 to 2 months, however, it depends on the type of wax you are applying to your car. For instance, if you apply a Graphene Ceramic Wax, it generally lasts 5 to 10 years, depending on the weather and driving time on your car. Check further details of each car wax compound to find more information.

Is there a chance my car surface gets scratched while applying car cleaner or car wax on my car?

Generally NO. Most car cleaners or waxes in the market are scratch-free. Just use the right tools; especially, using a microfiber towel or microfiber applicator is safe from scratches.

Do I need a professional service for my car paint corrections?

It depends on the application; if you are trying to remove minor scratches or marks, then the answer is YES. However, if there is an issue with surface fading or any residue remaining from paintwork, then you need a car polishing machine with a chemical compound. If you are not familiar with a car polisher, then we recommend using a professional service



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