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Refresh mitt with MaxShine Refresh Car Wash Shampoo

MaxShine Refresh Car Wash Shampoo

  • Removes dirt, road grime, and contaminants without scratching
  • Does not strip wax, ceramic, or other protective coatings
  • Heavy duty soap with an eco-friendly pH neutral formula
Our advanced car wash shampoo formula penetrates deep into the toughest dirt, grime, and road contaminants, effortlessly lifting them away. Unlike harsh detergents that strip away protective layers, MaxShine’s Refresh Car Shampoo maintains the integrity of your car’s exterior, leaving it looking glossy and vibrant.
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Maxshine Microfiber Mitt Wash - Mixed Color Black & White

  • Maxshine Colorful White & Black Microfiber Wash Mitt is designed for multiple uses.

  • It can be used for washing the bodywork, wheels, wheel wells, tires, and grill. The chubby spun strands hold loads of soapy water delivery.

  • The superior durability of this mitt allows it to hold up to rigorous use.

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Wheel Cleaning & Coating Bundle

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MaxShine Grab and Go Car Care Kits

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Maxshine Enjoy Car Wash Bucket Kit

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Low pressure foam cannon with Wash Bundle

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Maxshine Car Wax Applicator

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Dry & Polish Bundle | Microfiber cloth for car cleaning

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MaxShine, we curate bundles tailored to your needs, designed to optimize your budget and save you time. Our bundles highlight the precise products required for an extraordinary and meticulous car wash experience.

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